to-ing and for-ing

Fascinating how something as simple, well maybe that’s not the right word… straightforward? or seemingly so, but as so many of those things that seem so, perhaps not. Anyway, the being thankful.

full of thanks, I suppose. where did the other l get to? oh that starts to look funny or as if it is spelled wrong the more I look at it.

from Misters Merriam and Webster:
an adjective
1:  conscious of benefit received
2:  expressive of thanks
3:  well pleased :  glad

always something to be thankful for!

Yes important to be thankful although sometimes not clear to whom (curse of the non-believer!)

which was what got me going on this whole wondering thing, since I hadn’t thought of it being thankful TO anyone in particular. thankful FOR. you know, in that “these are a few of my favorite things” sorta way

but then yeah, some things are because of or by way of a certain person, so then you’d better thank them. ha, and depending what it was it better be a written thank you card with the whole envelope and stamp and send it through the mail dealio. funny, you’d think from all that as a kid I’d have both the to and for in mind

guess that’s why to talk to other people, to be reminded of things, and get those oh I never thought of thats. it is pretty amazing how differently people’s brains work.

something else to be thankful for!

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2 Responses to to-ing and for-ing

  1. You’re welcome 😉

    Ooh.. you looked it up! Definition #3 is interesting and implies no object.. no “to”. So I guess by that definition you can just be thankful for!

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