The Sitting Room


Tucked into a quiet neighborhood a few blocks from Sonoma State University, you might never know an unassuming home holds a treasure trove of books and reference material. The Sitting Room is a reading room and community library with a focus on women’s issues and achievements.


A variety of topical art is displayed throughout the space.

Women Writers Archives

Women Writers Archives

Most of the books are by women authors, there’s a section of sitting room workshop writers, other local authors, a whole Woolf wall. (Virginia, that is.) There’s a fiction section, art, a whole poetry room(!), history, a shelf of cookbooks and more. A fantastic assortment in a lovely setting.

one of The Sitting Room publications

one of The Sitting Room publications


what fun!

The Sitting Room also hosts events and workshops. I may have heard of it somewhere along the way, but had never been until a Co-op member held a book release and reading there.


more good times


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  1. afly onthewall says:

    What a jewel.

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