I finally screwed up my courage to face my fear of toffee. Well, fear of making toffee, I should say. OK, OK, OK. Fear of FAILING at making toffee. Yes, that and finding/making the time to do it.


Apparently there is something to that “third time’s the charm” saying. Or maybe it was the recipe. Part of me wanted to revisit one of the failed attempts to see if I could get it to work, you know, redeem myself. Although then I’d be doubly annoyed if it didn’t work again. So I went with a recipe from a different book (that I’ve made marshmallows and lemon curd, both successfully, from).  A recipe that started out, “Nothing in this world is bad when a pound of butter and a hammer are involved.”



And yes it did come out as toffee! Althought I didn’t end up using a hammer to break it up as they suggested after all. It didn’t really cut, but a knife seemed to break it up just fine. Only thing if I were to do this again I’d use a shallower pan. I was thinking it would be kinda thick, which it was, and when I went back and looked they even mentioned in the notes that you could do it thinner. Not sure that I will anyway, since in the mean time I noticed that my man David has a toffee recipe! Probably shoulda just started there.

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