Taiko and Japanese Culture Camp


This year was the 10th anniversary of Taiko and Japanese Culture Camp, held at the Enmanji Temple in Sebastopol. The camp started with just taiko, then expanded to include other aspects of Japanese culture. World’s Cutest Nephew participated as a camper a few years ago. All alumni were invited back for the anniversary celebration and WCN decided he’d like to go.


DSCN6345 DSCN6346 DSCN6347


DSCN6348 DSCN6349

Camp is based on the fundamentals of WAKEISEIJAKU, or harmony, respect, purity and tranquility. In addition to taiko, dance and singing, activities include language, arts and crafts. Principles of cooperation, helpfulness and responsibility are emphasized. The campers are split into groups and take turns with camp tasks such as helping out with snack time.

zokingake - who knew kids would fall over themselves to clean the floor?!

and zokingake – who knew kids would fall over themselves to clean the floor?!

Camp ends with a presentation of the week’s activities. It was neat to see the kids showing their family members what they had done. WCN and the other alumni got to participate in the show, which included a folk dance, singing and taiko. There was a snack – the kids had made rice balls – and (oh boy!) cake for the anniversary.





Audience participation

Audience participation

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