RoadTrip 2012: Day 10


sunny day in Portland!

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I’d spent the night at the campground with the SRCC tour, and some of the club folks tried to talk me in to riding out with them for a bit, but I only had my mountain bike and I wanted to get started on my day in the city. PORTLAND, that would be.

Short list: Powell’s

OK, and Voodoo Doughnut, if the line wasn’t too long. Which it was, but I got some Awesome Pointy Boots instead, which helped me get over the not having doughnuts real quick like.

Besides that I just walked around and took in the sights: signs, art, more signs, more art. Oh and ate. And of course there was Ice Cream. And Chocolate.

Then off to Battle Ground, WA to visit a friend. Which is one of those places set up with number streets so if you know the system you can figure out where another street and location is in relation to where you are, but just seemed odd to me. Maybe that number streets seem like a city thing and my friend and his wife are actually out in what seems more countryish. At least all the places have some acerage. It was great to see them and their lovely home and catch up over a wonderful dinner.

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