RoadTrip 2012: Days 8 and 9


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Coming into town after five days in the woods was a bit of a shock. And it was still ninety-five degrees at four o’clock in the afternoon. I’d been thinking of heading to Bend next, but the forecast for Medford the next day was 117, so going inland didn’t seem like the greatest plan. And, beauty of traveling solo and without a set itinerary, I could alter course. So, after a bit of regrouping (big Friday night at a laundromat) and provisioning, I set out for the Coast.

Which, from Medford, I first went north a bit to get on 199. Which then goes southwest, and actually drops you back into California for a bit. It’s a beautiful drive along the Smith river. I was somewhat tempted by the Oregon Caves, but it was still fairly early in the day and I wanted to keep moving and get out to the Coast. Where, as hoped, it was nice weather but blissfully cooler.

You could spend days along the Coast! Especially if you were going to see and do everything along the way. But there were also plenty of spots where I could imagine settling in for a spell. However I had finite vacation time and some other places I wanted to get to.

DSCN0669 DSCN0670

So I pretty much kept going, although I couldn’t resist the Oregon Coast Historical Railway and after riding along it all week I had to check out where the Umpqua River met the ocean. Found a campground and took a nice hike in the dunes.

Back on the road the next day got the roadside attraction allowance filled with the Sea Lion Caves, checked out Newport Harbor and chanced on the Rogue Nation. Chowder at Mo’s, some ice cream and the Devil’s Punchbowl rounded out the stops.

I didn’t cover the entire coast, turning inland on Route 18 and meeting up with the Santa Rosa Cycling Club tour in Newberg. It was into the evening by the time I got there, so just a bit of hanging around the campfire and then hit the hay.

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