all choked up


I planted an artichoke last year, and didn’t get any chokes, but then again I wasn’t expecting to. But I couldn’t remember how long it took them to produce, and I was seeing chokes on other people’s plants but nothing on mine this year so was starting to wonder if it really was an artichoke. It’s got lots of huge leaves and someone was saying that maybe it was a cardoon. I took a leaf in to the nursery and the lady said yes it us an artichoke, just be patient, maybe give it some fertilizer with more phosphorous than nitrogen. OK. Then all off a sudden seemed like just overnight it was covered with artichokes! I had to apologize for doubting it.

Now what to do with all of them? There’s another question, and my ice cream guy David had a recipe and a post of how to prepare artichokes which had a link about roasting artichokes which I’d never heard of but sounded really good! Then right after reading that and thinking I’ll have to try it a friend posted that she’d tried roasting some and they hadn’t turned out. How odd is that?

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3 Responses to all choked up

  1. judigoldberg says:

    good steamed,,,they were

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