RoadTrip 2013: Day 2

Some of the random things you see.

Some of the random things you see on the road.

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Slept in a bit then a most awesome breakfast at a local restaurant, which I managed to put away despite still feeling kinda full from the night before.


Fun stuff in the local paper – an ad for the Gnome Fest, which made me laugh more than anything in the Sunday funnies, and then yes there had been a bike race last night. We’d been sitting waiting to get across traffic and a few blocks down I thought I saw a bunch of bikes go by but it was one of those surreal maybe I imagined it moments. I got a kick out of the coverage as most times the majority of the article is about the men with a paragraph at the end of oh yeah there was a women’s race too.

Then, off to the Festival of Books and my friend’s Author Presentation! Which, once again, who knew? I’d never heard of the festival before, so it was a total bonus for it to be part of my trip. The universe had a lot to say as far as what I’d be doing on this trip, apparently.

From the festival it was back on the road and over to Phoenix.

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