Nutella Cheesecake


Confession time: Cheesecake scares me. No, not like that, I mean I love to eat it, and OK, maybe scare is a bit strong of a word. It’s just that for some reason it seems a little intimidating to make. So I’ve never even tried. Maybe that’s the confession. All this crazy baking and never made a cheesecake! Somehow I came across a recipe for a no bake cheesecake, which seemed very straightforward to make, and was. I still don’t think I can really say I’ve made a cheesecake though. Probably since it wasn’t baked it didn’t have the texture I think of for cheesecake, but was more creamy. Still super tasty, just not completely cheesecakey. Or not what I think of as cheesecake anyway. Maybe it needs a different name. Hmn. Moussecake?

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