University of Arizona Poetry Center


Unexpected Amazingness! University of Arizona has a Poetry Center!! Since 1960, in fact. Who knew?  It sounds like an absolutely amazing wonderful magical place – a collection of nearly 70,000 works of poetry and poetry related items, readings, discussions, workshops. Gallery space for exhibitions! They had an info booth at the Tucson Festival of Books and also a participatory poetry booth. With typewriters!



• The Poetry Center is a living archive, founded in 1960 to maintain and cherish the spirit of poetry.
• The Poetry Center promotes poetic literacy and sustains, enriches, and advances a diverse literary culture.

“Poetry is the food of the spirit, and spirit is the instigator of all revolutions, whether political or personal, whether national, world-wide, or within the life of a single quiet human being.” ~Ruth Stephan, Founder

The center is housed in a purpose built facility completed in 2007. I will have to go back some time and visit it.


I wish

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