El Charro


As often does after a taiko performance, food happened. Between a craving for fish tacos and some dietary restrictions, folks had already figured out a place to go. Which, due to downtown being torn up for a street car going in, was a bit of an adventure to get to, but I got to see a little more of Tucson.

Turned out to be El Charro, which seemed to be a bit of an institution. Traditional, iconic, whatever you want to call it, “where the tourists go,” my friend said. Next time she’ll take me to the real deal. Anyway, it was busy on a Saturday night, so we had a bit of a wait in the bar.

When we got seated there was an extensive menu to choose from. One thing I noticed, out there they have Burros. Not Burritos. But the rice doesn’t go inside, so the one that someone got was actually smaller than what I generally see as Burritos in Northern California.

One of the house specialties is Carne Seca. Yes, dry meat. With some story about drying it up on the roof back in the day or something I don’t quite remember the details and they probably don’t do it quite like that anymore anyway. The person who got a dish with it did not seem particularly impressed, saying after a bit, “it’s like beef jerky.”

Lots of things sounded good, I went with tamales, a pork and a corn. Quite tasty! The dishes other people got looked good as well.


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