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Surf Riding – Vintage Photo Postcard c. 1930’s

Sending postcard seems to be headed the way of the dodo bird in these days of instant posting your vacation pictures on the intarwebs, and while online has a lot of benefits, there’s still something I enjoy about real physical hard copy postcards. Perhaps it’s another misplaced nostalgia, even as a kid I knew that often I’d get back and see the person before they’d get my postcard, but it was one of those Things You Did.


Fly to South Sea Isles – Pan American Airways Travel Poster c. 1940’s

Anyway, it had been a while since I’d been on vacation, definitely quite a while since I’d been to Hawaii, but I was a bit surprised when I was there over Christmas at how the postcard selection had shrunken. Both in numbers and variety. If you took out the woman in bikini on the beach ones there weren’t a whole lot of choices.


Coco Palm – Botanical Illustration, by G.D. Ehret

I did find a few that, while I wasn’t super excited about them, would at least serve the purpose. Then later I came across a treasure trove of vintage cards from Island Art Cards, in Longs, of all places. I guess postcards are becoming a quaint anachronistic niche market. Well, if that’s what it takes to keep a few fun ones around.


Moonrise in Paradise
Artwork by Kerne Erickson, Greg Young Publishing

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