postcards from the past


Came across these postcards to my Grandfather from, of all places, Sonoma County! A bit of a connection to this place I love and am fortunate enough to call home. I’m not sure why it surprised me he might have dealings with folks up here. Although they might have had a slightly different sense of distance back in the day, it’s not that far from Menlo Park, and I knew he would travel to Salinas and the Carmel Valley, which are probably just as far, but in the other direction.

These were the only postcards in the stack of papers I found them in. I wonder why my Grandma saved them. I have no idea if he ever came to Sonoma County. One of the postcards looked to be a counter offer on a horse deal. The other is about the peacocks for sale. I’m curious how ten dollars compares to the prices of other things at that time. I have no idea how much a peacock would cost today. 

Fascinating how little address was needed to get this postcard where it was going.

Fascinating how little address was needed to get this postcard where it was going.

Also no idea if they ever did have peacocks in Menlo. There are peacocks at The Ranch, but I don’t think that they’re descendents of Sonoma County peacocks. My aunt was talking about getting some from a neighbor up there, and at the beginning they would go back to that place. Pop would get a phone call and they’d go over and retrieve the peacocks. The flock has waxed and waned over the years, on recent visits we’ve only seen two. Both cocks, which doesn’t bode well for any future generations.

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