Portland Street Food


Portland has a really vibrant street food scene. I don’t remember this from previous trips there, but it had been a while and maybe I just wasn’t in the right part of town on those trips. But in my wanderings this trip I came across quite a few areas filled with these little stalls.


Great sign – “Come by for a taste of your childhood. Unless your childhood sucked, then we’ll share a taste of ours.” – but I didn’t feel like a grilled cheese sandwich.

CIMG0859 CIMG0865

There was a wide variety of food types, and prices seemed pretty reasonable. Of course it’s all to go, and some places had a chair or two, but the prevailing assumption seems to be that you’ll be finding somewhere else to be eating whatever it is that you get. I finally decided on some Thai noodles, and then ended up back at my car to eat them. (Had to drop off the loot from Powell’s anyway.)


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2 Responses to Portland Street Food

  1. Marthafied says:

    Street food seems to be the “in thing” now… and i love the idea of variety and grabbing something on the go… but the problemis..where do you eat it? Most times itwould take me too long to get home…and I would not want to eat my food cold anyway…. lol

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