Multigrain Sourdough Bread

DSCN3529 I’m starting to think perhaps I should just pick one recipe and work with that until I get this bread thing down. But this sounded really nice and I wanted to try it. In fact, the title is Marvelous Multigrain Sourdough. Mine didn’t quite merit the Marvelous though.

the dough

the dough

It’s from the Flour Bakery Cookbook, another recipe that uses a sponge, which I used Lev for. Not sure if that might be part of my issue. Guess I’ll have to try it with the sponge.


shaped loaves for second rise

Despite the title, it’s still mostly regular flour. But there is some whole wheat, and some buckwheat. There’s also millet, flax seeds and sunflower seeds. So, really nice flavor! It did come out a bit on the heavy side. I may not have baked it long enough – it was getting fairly dark on the top, and I was a bit worried about that. However, I still haven’t quite figured out the thump the bottom test that they say is supposed to tell you that the loaf is done.


ready to go in the oven!

Another thing, the way the timing went, I mixed the dough, gave it the first rise and shaped the loaves one day, then put them in the fridge overnight before proceeding with the rest of the recipe. Which, it (the recipe) says that is OK to do. So maybe it was, but I’m looking for reasons why it came out the way it did.

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