Oatmeal Sourdough Bread

There’s also a sourdough section in The Bread Machine Cookbook! Which, oddly, several of the recipes have notes on that I’ve done them before. I don’t recall having a starter before though, so I’m a bit mystified by all that.

Anyway, this whole “being good” thing is kinda getting out of hand. First it was the, “oh maybe I should bake some other things than desserts”. And now it’s the, “oh go for more whole grain stuff.” Really, where do these voices come from?!

But I do like the oatmeal! Which was actually only a small percentage of the grain, the original recipe was mostly regular bread flour, but it sounded good. Then I did come up short on bread flour, so I just used whole wheat flour for the balance. Which I probably needed to do some other adjusting in the recipe, but didn’t.

Not sure if it was the flour substitution or something else, but I ended up with a funny sunken top loaf. My bread machine has a square tall pan, so even when the top behaves it doesn’t quite seem like a loaf of bread, but whatever. Despite the misshappeness it had a very nice flavor and a pretty good texture.

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