Malie Kai Chocolates


Another Farmer’s Market find! Hawaiian chocolate. I might have bought some anyway, but they were offering samples. A tiny cube, but so rich and tasty it was plenty satisfying. I splurged and got the full assortment: Dark and Milk bars – each plain, with cocoa nibs, with Kona Coffee, and then a Dark Milk bar.

The cacao is grown on a farm near the North Shore town of Waialua. As the package says, “Here the tropical sun and rich volcanic soil create the perfect microclimate for cacao.” Neat story and lots of information on Malie Kai’s website. Now I know that Hawaii is the only state in the U.S. where cacao can grow.

The package artwork is a piece called “North Shore” by Lynn Soehner. I love that they feature a beautiful piece and give an artist’s credit on the label!

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