Salt, like honey, can be a real snapshot of a particular place. I’ve been browsing thought the book Salted, by selmelier Mark Bitterman, and it’s quite amazing and fascinating how different salt can be. I’m not sure that I quite appreciate all the nuances and fine detail, but I have started picking up various salts when I travel. If nothing else, it reminds me of the trip. I have some Sado Island sea salt from a trip to Japan a few years ago, and now it’s been joined by some Hawaiian sea salt.


Thinking about salt also reminded me of seeing a giant pile, no, mountain of SF Bay Salt. My x was driving us around to look at some machinery, a forklift or something, and there was this HUGE white mountain. Really amazing. As so often, the pictures don’t quite do it justice, but from the buildings you can perhaps get some idea of the scale.



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