Portuguese doughnuts! I’m not a doughnut person, even though I have the hugest sweet tooth, doughnuts have that doughnut aftertaste which just makes them not worth eating. I guess french fries sorta have it too, that fried starch thing, but somehow since they are savory it’s not as noticeable or objectionable. But I digress.


Maybe it’s the cool name, I mean how fun is it to say Malasadas?! Or maybe that they don’t have a hole. Or fond childhood memories. Or being on vacation in Hawaii. Or that Leonard’s IS a Honolulu institution, one of those you gotta go to places. But these are SO GOOD!


I got some regular sugar and some cinnamon. They have some other coating options, and also filled ones, which I’ve never tried. That might be over the top. I was there early so it wasn’t too busy, but the girl at the counter was a little apologetic that I’d have to wait a bit while they finished making them for my order. Hot n’ fresh! Um, no that’s not a problem.



I don’t think I’d ever been in before, someone else had always picked up, but they have a wide variety of baked goods besides the signature Malasadas. Everything looked super tasty. But I managed to leave with just the Malasadas. Oh and some Pao Doce.



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