Candied Bacon

Once again, I blame David.


If this were smell-o-vision it would make you weep. Seriously. I am having a hard time not licking the screen.

1. He does not specify, but I have only ever done this with Bacon of Awesome. Your results may vary.


2. Sprinkle with golden brown sugar.


3. 400 degree oven. Flip and drag through melted sugar now and again. Recipe said 12-15 minutes but mine took longer. That may depend on how thick and juicy your bacon is.


4. It’s done when it’s mahogany colored. Cool on a wire rack. Chop/crumble and enjoy. I’ve used it in ice cream and bark, and am trying the current batch in oatmeal raisin cookies. I’ve heard of it going in other flavors of cookies, you could use it as sprinkles on ice cream (rather than mixing in like I did) or as super bacon bits on a salad or ?


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2 Responses to Candied Bacon

  1. This would be a great present for my sister who loves salty/sweet combos! I wonder how I could package it so that they wouldn’t break.

    • nutMeg says:

      Well it’s not super fragile (and it does all end up in the same place :). Maybe wrap in foil then Ziplock bag then in some bubble wrap or newspaper or popcorn in a box. Lucky sister!

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