Methow Valley Ciderhouse


Methow Valley Ciderhouse is a little ways out of Winthrop, but definitely worth visiting. Beautiful countryside and a lovely orchard, with a low-key tasting shed and comfy sofas and chairs set around under a big tent. Sweet spot to hang out. It looked like they sometimes have live music there too.


The tasting shed.


Cider bottles from all over.


Yep, they like cider!

The owners started the orchard four years ago with the intention of making cider. A couple of years ago had enough to sell and have been keeping at it as the orchard produces more. They have 13 kinds of English cider apples, which means they are not sweet apples so you probably wouldn’t want to just eat them. Apparently there are something like 9000 apple varieties, and the University of Oregon, where they got many of their apples, has a few thousand.


Custom taps for their four ciders.


Sampler – dry to sweet: Eagle Screeching Scrumpy, Pinnacle Goat, Howling Wolf and Honey Bear

They blend juices, and at the moment have four different ciders. I had a sampler to try all four, and actually (perhaps a bit oddly) liked the two ends, the driest and sweetest. It was really fascinating how different they all were.



Sweet vintage Subaru Brat.



Couldn’t go home empty handed!

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