say hello to my little friend


That is, welcome the latest addition to my household. That’s right, I adopted a sourdough starter! Yeah, like I need something else to bake with. Well, it probably will be more non-dessert things, so there’s some balance.

Part of me feels like I should give it (he? she? what gender is a starter?) a name. But I don’t want to get too attached, just in case I end up killing it. Although the friend I got it from said it’s third or fourth, maybe fifth generation, and pretty robust. And she does feed her’s every day, so there’s more where this came from in case things go awry. A rye? Hmn…

And I do have an Amish Friendship Bread starter that I’ve had for, wow! over 3 years now, so for n=1 at least I can keep a starter alive. Hopefully I didn’t just write a death warrant for the AFB by saying that in public. Oh and hopefully it won’t get bent out of shape that there’s another starter in the house!

So I’m figuring out the feeding thing and looking forward to baking some bread.

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