Cool Moon Ice Cream

Beer, the Pacific Northwest has. And coffee. Both of which I enjoy, but these days generally ice cream is more of a thing for me. And it was pretty warm the particular day I was in Portland, so ice cream was sounding really good.

I didn’t have it as a particular theme for the trip, so hadn’t done research beforehand as to where all I should be sure to go. But who needs to look things up ahead of time when they’re going to Powell’s anyway?

I found several possibilities in a Portland guidebook, then narrowed it down to the most interesting sounding one within walking distance, Cool Moon. With the walk I got to see a bit more of the city that I might not have otherwise, and I could somewhat justify the second scoop of ice cream.

They had lots of fantastic looking flavors to choose from, I finally settled on Coffee Crackle and Tahitian Vanilla. Super super tasty! Interestingly there was a discount for paying cash.

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