Well I still don’t know what they put in the doughnuts, or if there really is magic in the hole, the line was just too long and I had other things I wanted to do. And, I don’t really like doughnuts anyway. Although these are supposed to be some sort of miracle religious experience or something – one of those things on some list of stuff you’re supposed to do when you’re in Portland, so I went by.

I asked a couple of girls who were just exiting the store with a couple of boxes how long they’d been in line and they couldn’t even say. It sounded like a combination of not really paying attention to when they’d gotten in line and that it didn’t really matter to them, they wanted to get the doughnuts so they were fine with just waiting however long it took.

I did cruise by again at the end of the day on my way back to the car, but the line was still at least as long, if not longer, and in the hot sun. No thanks.

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