the sound of drawing a blank

so there I was at the Odaiko. We’d gotten to the last song of the performance, Zenshin, which has been one of the group’s signature pieces since it was written for our tenth anniversary concert in 2005. I’ve played that part I don’t know how many times over those years, and yet I was drawing a blank for the solo section. well, alternating between blank and the rhythm patterns for another song that I’d just learned. no no NO! I know it’s not that. but. what. is. it. ???? helllloooooo??? breathe. whattheheckisit? breathe. breathe.

fortunately the drum placement had me with my back to the audience as my expression ran from mild panic to quizzicality to bemusement. well at least the song doesn’t start off with Odaiko. And OH YEAH! I’m the only one on this part. So even if I don’t get it quite right, as long as I come in and end at the right times and stay on beat most folks won’t be any the wiser. OK, I feel better. right.

and then somewhere in there, as we played the rest of the song leading up to the bit I was blanking on, it re-connected. the bits found each other or I got out of the way and let the body memory play. and YES, that’s how it goes! how could I forget that?

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