Foreign Extra Stout-Milk Chocolate Sorta Stracciatella

The last time I made a version of this I got to thinking it would be good with some more chocolate – either brownie bits or a fudge ripple or stracciatella. The original recipe calls for Guinness, but I had some homebrew Foreign Extra Stout this time so I used that. And the stracciatella is the easiest to do, since it’s just melted chocolate. But I waited a bit too long to add it or something, it didn’t come out quite right. I got some super big chunks o’ chocolate and not so much of the small chippy bits like you’re supposed to. It was still really good ice cream, and to the extent that I did get some stracciatella it confirmed my thought this would be a good addition. Although, did I really need confirmation that addition of chocolate is good?

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