are you a (fill in the blank) ?

Over the years I’ve been asked if I’m, what seems like to me, some fairly random things. I’m not sure if I’m the only one this happens to, or just that I notice it.

I get told I look familiar fairly often too, but I inherited that from my dad.

Here’s the ones I remember. Are you:
– from somewhere else/of various ethnic background
– a surfer
– vegetarian (not in a situation where food was involved)
– some other half-Japanese person
– a farmer
– a biologist
– a watershed person
– a pilot
– a dancer
– a nurse

Sometimes I’m just a bit puzzled or bemused, other times I remember to ask them why they thought that.

The nurse comment was because of what I was wearing. From two different people in one day. So maybe they’re onto something.

The dancer was since what little furniture I have in my living room is against the walls so there’s a large open floor area.

The pilot was when I was choosing paint colors for the outside of my house. I wanted sunflower yellow, and asked the shop clerk about bright yellows. Apparently they aren’t recommended for exterior, but along with that and some other information the clerk asked if I was a pilot. I was curious if those are the only people who come in asking for bright colors and he replied, “No, I just figured you wanted to see your house from the air.”

The specific half-Japanese people I was asked if I was (one case years ago, another more recently) I didn’t know at the time but ended up meeting. The one years ago was when I was at the JC, and 2 people (actually a brother and sister) asked me in the course of a day, which then that evening turned out I had a class with the people they thought I was! More recently it’s another cyclist that I’ve been mistaken for.

The others I’m not exactly sure why, although I could probably make something up, I’ll just leave it with the mildly puzzled and amused.

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