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I’m taking an anatomy class at the JC, the first session was Sunday afternoon. At the start, we introduced ourselves and why we were there. There’s a mix of folks there for general interest, some folks in or getting in to health professions, a sculptor. For me, I’ve probably always thought it would be cool to know more about the subject, but I then REALLY wanted to take anatomy when I had figure drawing classes years ago but it never fit in the schedule. But there’s still that artist aspect of it wanting to know why things look the way they do then now there is also the athlete aspect of wanting to know how things work and why they do what they do.

The course is through Community Education but we get to use the lab and look at the cadavers and parts. I wasn’t sure how I’d react to that, but it’s really really super fantastically amazing. The regular students have already done the dissection, so things are apart and pretty easy to access and look at. In a way, how it is now is almost like the models in the lecture room, which perhaps makes it easier to deal with. And we left the head covered, which may have helped keep it abstract and manageable. I’m not sure how I’d do having to start at the beginning with a whole intact person and cut into them. Although coming into it now we missed seeing all of how things are truly packed and packaged up with all of the connective tissue and whatnot. But there is still plenty to see.

It’s actually quite tidy. No blood or fluids. In fact we have to occasionally mist the specimens to keep them from drying out. The lab has a great ventilation system as well so there is very little smell.

And it’s the furthest thing from gross. I’m thankful to those who have donated themselves so I have this incredible opportunity to see the inside of the human body. I just kept thinking WOW! that’s what’s inside me. Cool! What’s surprised me the most so far is the difference between arteries and veins.

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