dark chocolate ice cream

My first custard style ice cream! Making it was a bit more involved than the Philadelphia style but not onerous. And yes I think it is a bit more creamy. Although maybe I’m just telling myself that since I know which is which. And again, I should probably let it soften a bit more before I dig in… but… yum!
And it wasn’t completely apples to apples, since the recipe was from a different book. I used that particular recipe since it worked out that I could make it with the amount of ingredients I already had rather than having to get more of anything. It was actually the first recipe I tried from Dorie Greenspan’s new book Around My French Table.  Which I’d gotten with a Christmas gift card, since one of my projects for this year is to use my stove top more. As in cooking, making some “real” food more often, and perhaps baking some savory things once in a while.
I had Dorie’s Baking: from my home to yours, which I really enjoy. Nice pictures, good reading – with explanatory notes and variations to try (not like I’ll get to all to recipes as they are, but it’s fun seeing other possibilities too) and the recipes I have done have all come out well. So, although I’ve never been much for French food, when I saw she had a cookbook I figured I’d check it out. Again, a lovely book and the recipes sound tasty and seem quite accessible. And it went with the cooking project idea. And then what do I go and do first – ice cream! Yes I think there was a dash of irony in the recipe!
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