never met a 4

This week’s poetry class lecture is on Metaphor. The form of Metaphor is X is Y, such as love is a cattle prod. or battlefield, if you want to stick to the original version. Using language in an unusual way to form an association to evoke an emotional response, to explain the inexplicable, to make the figurative literal, to … make me struggle. For some reason this one has got me all jammed up. I’ve probably written things using metaphor in the past, but this week I’m having trouble. Part of it may be from a time crunch and not really sitting down yet and writing, but the other weeks even before sitting down to paper I had things running around in my head. This week it’s kinda quiet up there. Maybe thinking about this too much. A few things were wandering around up there, but they kept turning into similes, X is LIKE Y… why am I more comfortable with that? Metaphor seems like more responsibility and commitment. bleh. THOSE recurring motifs in my life…

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