where are you from?


no… where are you FROM?

um, California. [in my head: which part of that did you not understand? kah li fown ya. don’t make me spell it] … my current state of residence and actually born and raised, which apparently is somewhat rare.

well we could go back and forth like that all day, so usually I just answer the REAL question of what my ethnic background is – half Japanese, half euro-mix (English, Irish, German, perhaps a bit of Portuguese). not sure why they can’t just ask that, but I guess they think it’s not PC or it’s offensive somehow to ask that way or they can’t think of the right words to use or some people feel like it’s not anyone else’s business what their ethnic background is. so if you’re worried about offending someone maybe don’t ask… or if someone does ask you and you don’t think it’s any of their business, tell them that. I don’t see how it would be offensive, what probably bothers me more is the malformed way they ask… yeah I told you where I’m FROM, why are you asking the same question again?

anyway, I’ve also been asked if I’m part Mexican or Italian, and one person who I think wanted to ask if I was (American) Indian (probably mostly due to me having my hair in two braids that day) beat around the bush quite spectacularly with some gibberish about whether my family was native to the surrounding area. hmn. as a matter of fact my Dad was born in San Francisco! so there ya go! and then I had one co-worker (white guy) ask me very specifically if I was half-Japanese! only time I’ve been asked that, bit surprising til I found out his wife is Japanese, so their 2 kids are half.

and where are YOU from?

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